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How to Generate More Leads Successfully

Growing a real estate business requires a steady influx of qualified leads. But catching the eye of attractive prospects isn’t always easy in a competitive market.

The good news is that lead generation software can streamline the process, effectively guiding prospective buyers and sellers into your sales funnel.

The following tools are designed to generate, capture and convert new leads from a variety of sources.

Client Management Tools

Connect with active buyers in your area and those who want to relocate. With tools like Zillow Premier Agent, you can enjoy customizable client management and performance tracking tools that keep the pipeline moving while simultaneously providing an exceptional client experience.


RedX is one option that uses aggregate public data to provide contact information for expired MLS listings, neighborhood prospects, FSBOs, FRBOs and pre-closure sellers. With resources like this, you can also get CRM, prospect-dialing and brand-building tools.

Paid Search

If you want to generate both buyer and seller leads, you may want to try something like Market Leader, which:

Promises a guaranteed number of exclusive monthly leads from HouseValues, where motivated sellers are actively searching for home valuations.

Uses PPC ad campaigns to generate quality buyer leads from search engines.

Offers professional options for single agents and teams, including personalized IDX websites, robust CRM and marketing automation.

Website Building

Establish your brand with a custom, MLS-integrated website, and maximize productivity with a robust CRM and automated engagement. With a tool like Real Geeks, you can even optimize Facebook and Google PPC campaigns with the Real Leads turnkey management program.

Local Lead Generation

Looking for hyperlocalized information? Consider something like Zurple, which maximizes your marketing spend by using multiple home search websites to target specific city subsets and ZIP codes. It also allows you to track lead choices (e.g., property preferences, price range) and engage in personalized, data-driven conversation.

Need help further developing your lead generation strategy? Reach out today.

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