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3 Outdated Real Estate SEO Practices

Updated: Mar 29

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your website rank higher with Google and can even enhance your social media presence. But SEO is always evolving, and many best practices from just a few years ago have become modern-day faux pas.

If your search rankings seem to be in the tank, outdated SEO could be to blame. Here are three common SEO practices that are not as beneficial as they used to be.

Unnatural Keyword Usage

Search engines use keywords and phrases to help users find the most relevant information on a given topic. For example, agents using localized keywords (e.g., “Charleston SC condos”) will rank higher for local and regional condo queries.

Overusing keywords in an attempt to improve rankings can often lead to keyword stuffing — repetitive, awkward phrasing that reads poorly and ignores content quality. Unlike a few years ago, Google could easily detect keyword stuffing and it will likely hurt rather than help your rankings.

For best results, only use relevant keywords as needed and focus on providing a natural response to questions and key topics.

Too Many Links

Interlinking and backlinking can enhance the reader experience by providing additional context and value. But many websites overdo it, stuffing irrelevant links into their content in hopes of drawing search attention. This practice is not only distracting to the reader, but can also hurt your search rankings.

Constantly Posting Long-Form Content

Many people try to improve their rankings by producing longer pieces of content. But it can be hard to publish engaging, quality long-form content on a regular basis.

In fact, intentionally long content without value can actually drive readers away. Instead, post consistently but less often and focus on producing quality, reader-focused content.

For more helpful tips, reach out today.

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