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If you are a Full-Time Real Estate Agent, 

Join Link Real Estate.

Why Work Here?

Tracy LeRoux

Tracy LeRoux Realtor

Tracy LeRoux Rhode Island

Tracy LeRoux Broker

Link Real Estate Rhode Island

Link Real Estate Florida

Tracy LeRoux Ocala

Link Real Estate is known for its creative marketing strategies and tech-based cloud operations that exclusively support full-time, production-based, and professional sales agents.


We have successfully created a streamlined, innovative, and dynamic business model that enables our agents to push to new levels of aptitude and performance. 

How different can a real estate firm really be? 

Here's how Link Real Estate works. 

We have two different options for agents. 

Choose what works for you.

Both options include:

  • Agents keep lion's share of the commission

  • No Hidden Fees

  • No Minimum Transactions

  • No Mandatory Meetings

  • No Floor Duty Required

  • No Desk Fees

  • Full Broker Support

Link Real Estate adds to the experience through an energetic and dynamic community of people who are defined by their passion and fueled by their vision every day. If you want to be at your best, you want to work with us.


Tracy LeRoux

Tracy LeRoux Realtor

Tracy LeRoux Rhode Island

Tracy LeRoux Broker

Link Real Estate Rhode Island

Link Real Estate Florida

Tracy LeRoux Ocala


We Activate Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island Real Estate Licenses! Don't miss out on opportunities, keep your license active with us.


Keep Up to 90% Commission

We have no minimum annual transactions, require no floor duty, require zero meetings, and have no hidden fees.

We pride ourselves on being a

no-hassle brokerage that allows you to keep between 72% - 90%

of the commission split, depending on your sales volume. 


Low Fees

Our fees are simple, we charge a $275 annual fee to join our team. That's it. There are no other hidden fees.

You will get instant access to training materials, marketing materials, and the forms necessary to help you produce!


Stay Active

We will activate or transfer your License within 24 hours!

Don't let your license go inactive and potentially miss out on opportunities.


Activate or transfer your Florida, Connecticut, Massachussets, or Rhode Island  Real Estate

license easily.


Free Graphic Assistance

Our number one goal is to help you be successful so we give you access to an in-house graphic design team who can help you with all of your graphic needs.


We can assist you with graphic files for yard signs, flyers, business cards, or promotional materials.




We are a cloud-based brokerage with offices you can use for free for client meetings, closings etc.  Our powerful back office allows you to interface with us completely online.


Generate a custom website, check email, access business cards, manage clients, manage files, access training, and more from one online system.

Tracy LeRoux

Tracy LeRoux Realtor

Tracy LeRoux Rhode Island

Tracy LeRoux Broker

Link Real Estate Rhode Island

Link Real Estate Florida

Tracy LeRoux Ocala


Access Training


We have developed extensive training materials that you can access from your secure online back office 24 hours a day.


You can go through our documentation and audio training at your own pace when it's most convenient for you.


Full Brokerage Support

At Link Real Estate, we are at your service.

In addition to our technology offerings, your broker is standing by to facilitate your success in any way possible.

We even give you access to our in-house graphic designer, and our virtual marketing assistant who can help take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Interested? Learn More

Schedule time to talk with our Principal Broker


See What My Team Have Said About Their Experience With Link!

Scott Bean.png



"For the same reason I avoid dining at chain restaurants, I steer clear of real estate franchises. A more personalized approach yields better results, all around. Being nimble allows us to better serve individual clients’ needs and tastes, while greater satisfaction comes from being free to do the best job possible."
Nick Ferrera.png



"Link is a great place to work as an agent because of the small family like atmosphere. We all know that we have each other’s back. The best thing is knowing our broker is always there. Tracy is available to support in any way possible and is just a simple phone call away. That gives a great level of confidence to go out and acquire any and all business."
Randi Giles.png



"I am very happy to work as a realtor at Link Real Estate. I think the small business work environment suits my personality. I don’t think I could or would want to work for a large brokerage. I also think Tracy is a fabulous broker who has wisdom, experience, great insight and creative problem solving skills."
Sierra Goodwill.png



"I chose to be a part of Link Real Estate because they treat their agents (and clients) like family. The tight-knit work environment allows for collaborative efforts every step of the way."
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